Every meeting is held at Hillmoor Street Community Centre in Pleasley from 7:15pm. We meet once every two weeks, and our group, and each meeting remains open to all residents of the area. All residents are most welcome to come and express them selves! We operate a consensus based decision making process amongst any resident in attendance when we feel we need to make decisions (so long as there is at least 5 of us!). And we invite representatives of Mansfield District Council, Meden Valley Making Places, Our local councilors and anyone else we see fit, to the first portion of every other meeting (that’s once every four weeks).

Our Next meetings are:
7th June (guests)
21st June
5th July (guests)
19th July


3 Responses to “Upcoming meetings”

  1. 1 robert
    May 6, 2010 at 5:11 pm

    hi mark
    who is the guests on monday’s meeting? will be are normal meeting or one with mdc.

  2. 3 taz
    July 19, 2010 at 9:38 pm

    after 9yrs of fighting we are finally getting out of this ghetto. however, it is with some regret. apart from a few years of horrid neighbours our lives here have been happy ones. my particular regret is bittersweet. after years of neglect and apathy local wildlife has flourished. only yard away common sparrows proliferate in unkempt hedgerows, dozens of individuals thrive. unfortunately for them the regeneration will destroy their habitat. but my main concern is for the local bat population. all species of bats in this country are protected by law. no demolition without relocation of a bat colony is illegal, MVMP has been informed of the prescence of these unique mammals. if anyone has concerns about our bat population please contact the council, mvmp or the bat protection society. good luck to all who choose to remain and those who wish to leave. aufwiedersehen pleasleymenschen und gute nacht.

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