Summary of issues raised:

1.Ratification of constitution;
2.Regeneration and MVMP and housing
3.Empty gardens and rubbish and repairs;
4.Children’s Activities;

Summary Of Agreements Made:

That future meetings will be at 7:45pm every other Monday starting from the 7th of September;
To attend a meeting hosted by MVMP to hear more regarding housing;
A system should be established for the group to submit and follow up repair problems to the council/housing association/land lords on behalf of the whole community;
That a small group of residents should walk around with Paul Wilkinson from MDC to point out problems;
To seek more information on the councils position on garden responsibility, in particular fencing;
Seek out information on anti-rent hike campaigns;
That the group should organise more activities for both children and adults, and that better use of the community centre should be made;

Points for discussion at next meeting:

Further discussion of the constitution and selection of people for roles;
Establishment of working groups to tackle individual issues, such as activities, gardens etc;
Discuss how to set up a system for repairs;
Determine how the group can make better use of the community centre;

1. Ratification of constitution.
The importance of having a constitution was highlighted, with regard to obtaining funding, recognition by authorities and other matters. No agreement was reached regarding ratification, and people took away copies to look over. The structure of the group was also discussed, especially the de-centralising of power, the sharing and rotating of roles, and the consensus based decision making process. Finally the group also discussed the area the group should represent. It was agreed that as New England way has a residents association, that this group will not include that area. It was not agreed but proposed that the group may also represent Bagshaw Street. It was also agreed that future meetings should start at 7:45pm, and that from the 7th of September, meetings should be fortnightly.

2. Regeneration and MVMP
Information was given that had resulted from a meeting with MVMP. Many of the initial questions raised at the first meeting were put to MVMP, and the answers passed along. Among things discussed was the intention of MVMP to hold a meeting of their own soon. There was discussion regarding the fact that MVMP are keen to not appear as part of MDC, despite the Mayor of Mansfield chairing the company. Information was given regarding the long term plans of MVMP, but details on specific phases was sparse. Also the meeting heard how MVMP can put on trips to see the results of other developments, and help towards community building in the area. There was concern that rent prices will rise on the back of the development, and it was agreed that the group should seek information on a national anti-rent hike campaign.

3. Gardens, rubbish and repairs
Information was passed along from Paul Wilkinson of MDC, who said only essential repairs would be dealt with. The idea was put forward that a system should be established where repairs are submitted from the group on mass, and are followed up with the council. With regard to gardens, it was pointed out that MDC used to maintain empty properties, but had not been doing so of late. It was also suggested that when home owners made complaints that they were dealt with more quickly than if a tenant made a complaint. It was also relayed how Paul Wilkinson would be willing to do a walk around with the group, so as to hear our opinions, and be told what we want fixing. Amongst other garden related complaints, there were many people who complained that fences were regularly stolen. There was also the suggestion that the community could use some of the empty gardens to grow food.

4. Children’s Activities.
It was agreed that many problems in the area are due to lack of facilities for children. And there were many suggestions for activities for children. It was also agreed that there should also be more activities for adults. In addition to the two work shops that Mark already intended to hold on bikes and computers, and the majorettes that already runs, the other activities suggested were
Youth club
Circus Skills
Sports Day
Street Party
Youth Nights at the Social Club
To facilitate more activities it was suggested that the group should make better use of the community centre, and that it should be more widely open to the residents of the area. And finally it was agreed that the group should push for a BMX/Skate park in the new development as requested by many children of the area, and the children should be made responsible for it.

5. Additional Discussion
There was also additional discussion that does not relate to any of the items on the agenda. In particular the issue of traffic and suitable crossings on Chesterfield Road North. Also regarding roads, the state of Hillmoor Street’s surface was discussed.

I know the newsletter with these minutes said that we would not be able to distribute them, but after a week in meetings, and seeing minutes of them, I realised they do not need to be as detailed as I first thought. So I have managed to condense them from 17 pages of notes to 1 sheet of paper.

Finally, because we would like to see progress on the issues we have discussed so far, and to avoid meetings breaking down in to long discussions, arguments and complaining sessions, we intend to introduce a series of hand signals at the next meeting, that will help in our consensus based decision making process. This may seem silly at first, but it works very well, and will help us organise our meetings fairly.


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