Summary of issues raised:

  1. Ratification of Constitution;
  2. Discussion of meeting with MVMP;
  3. Further Information from Council RE: gardens and fencing;
  4. Repairs system;
  5. Activities for Children;

Summery of Agreements Made:

  • Agreed constitution – Full consensus;
  • Appointment of Co-Coordinators and Treasurer – Full consensus;
  • Repairs box to be placed in the Community Centre – consensus, with 2 stand asides;
  • Organise Halloween/Bon Fire night celebration;

Ratification of constitution

The group ratified the constitution. There were clarifications made regarding membership, in that members should be from with in the demographics of the group. The group then voted to ratify the constitution.

Discussion of meeting with MVMP

There was brief discussion regarding the meeting organised by MVMP, and it was suggested that if requested we should put our selves forward to facilitate the meeting. We also agreed that we should wait until hearing what MVMP have to say before discussing further our position as a group towards the development.

Further Information RE gardens and fencing

Information was passed along from Paul Wilkinson of MDC. With respect to gardens Paul has told the group that he has recently obtained quotes from three different companies regarding cleaning up gardens, and hopes to progress with this soon. With regards to fencing, the group was told that the council do not take responsibility for fencing except where is part of a privacy issue.

Repairs System.

It was agreed (with 2 stand asides) that a box will be placed in the community centre, along with a form to fill out. People will be able to submit repairs by posting them in the box, and the group will submit them to the relevant land lord, and chase them up regularly.

Activates for children.

In addition to the activities that Mark has already promised to organise, a working group was established to work towards events for Halloween and Bonfire Night. It was agreed that a booking for the community centre should be made for the 31st of October.


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