Summary of issues raised:

  • Selection of Delegate for MVMP Forum;
  • Selection of Facilitator, and minuet taker for next meeting;
  • Results of Stolen candle snuffer;
  • Christmas Party;
  • Facilitation and Minute taking;
  • Theft of candle snuffer from local church;

For discussion at the next meeting:

  • MVMP & MDC update;

Summary of Decisions Made:

  • That we will not select a Delegate for MVMP forum;
  • Who will facilitate and who will take minuets at the next meeting;
  • That we will not be putting on a Christmas party;

Delegate Selection

After a brief discussion, consensus was reached on decision not to select a delegate for the MVMP forum. It was felt that we do not need to do this, and that no one could promise to commit the time to it. As part of the proposal though, we agreed that we can re visit this decision in the future it we feel that we need to.

Stand in Facilitator and Minuit Taker

It was pointed out that due to family commitments, the positions needed to be filled at the next meeting, or in the event that the people are available, that some one at the least needs to be prepared to stand in. After a brief discussion both roles were filled voluntarily.

Christmas Party

It was pointed out that Christmas was fast approaching, and that with the effort put in to other recent activities, and the delay on the bank account it may be worth re-considering. It was also noted that once the bank account was open, we would be able to apply for funding, which could go towards further activities. A proposal was made that we do not put on a Christmas party, and instead sort out the bank account, and leave our selves more time to put better activates on next year. Full consensus was reached on this matter.

Other Issues

It was reported to the group that the candle snuffer that had been stolen, had been returned to the church. Also, that one resident in phase 1 had not received a letter for the individual meetings. (at time of writing up minuets, MVMP had resolved this without any prompting)


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