This weeks meeting was attended by representatives of MVMP, MDC and local councillor Mick Colley. The first part of the meeting was allocated for hearing updated information on the housing issues, and raising questions with the guests in attendance.

Summary of issues raised:

  • Age restrictions on MVMP’s climbing wall activity;
  • MVMP suggest that we may want to choose a delegate to send to their community forum group;
  • The unfairness of MDC housing policy, when re-housing people forced out of their homes due to the development;
  • The inconsistency of information regarding compensation for being moved out;
  • Further issues surrounding promises made to Hillmoor street residents and the retention of the houses, in light of the fact that some of these residents have received compensation already.
  • Offer of training by the Workers Education Association.

Summary of Agreements made:

  • Halloween Party will be for ages 1-16, and will run from 5:30 – 6:30 on the 31st October;
  • Donations will be requested at the Bicycle workswap;
  • There will be a car washing day to raise further funds;
  • Individual selected to judge the costume competition at the Halloween party;
  • Any further weekend workshops will be held on a Sunday to avoid angering the Majorettes group;
  • There will be a £1 admission fee for the Halloween Party.

Actions to be taken before the next meeting:

  • Posters and leaflets to be done for the Halloween & Bonfire Night parties;
  • Confirm DJ for Bonfire Night

MVMP Activities

Questions were raised regarding the age restrictions on the climbing wall to be provided by MVMP. The MDC consent form stated from the age of 9, while the poster said from the age of 7. Carol from MVMP said she would clarify this.  We were also informed that there will be a Christmas card design competition at Farmilo school.

MVMP Housing

It was stated that the recent events hosted by MVMP have been well attended, with only a small proportion of residents yet to be consulted with, and that these residents will be contacted shortly. We were also given a time frame for further action. We were told that:

  • After the next event on this coming Monday, MVMP will begin to look at phasing. i.e. where to start the re-housing and site assembly;
  • That residents should receive a letter with further information as soon as possible after the next consultation event on October 26th, hopefully within two weeks of this event;
  • That the master plan will go to developers at the beginning of November, who will have 6 weeks to draw up their plans;
  • These will be another meeting in mid December to present plans, and final ideas;
  • There will then be 4 weeks for the developers to draw up detailed plans;
  • In January there will be an event at the Landmark Centre, to present the options from the developers;
  • From February, (should we choose) the selected developer will be able to attend meetings with us;

Following this information, discussion moved on to the housing it’s self. Concerns were raised that the project will not provide enough social housing. It was explained that there will be a minimum of 20% social housing out of a large number of new homes, and that this will mean that there will be more social housing than is currently available.  Questions were also asked regarding the re-housing of people in suitable homes. In particular the fact that many people now living in 3 bed houses will be asked under MDC housing policy to take much smaller accommodation. i.e. If they are a single person in a 3 bed roomed property.  Additionally, many large families in the area may require more than 3 bed roomed houses, and will they be available as part of the new development. A discussion took place and some people felt that within the housing policy there is a lack of compassion when re-housing families and individuals with regard to property sizes, Especially when these people are being forced to give up their homes.

Questions were then asked about why residents could not get compensation if they were to move now, as one resident was told not to take a house as they would lose out.  It was then asked why this was as some residents had already received compensation for moving out of the affected areas. In particular, ex-residents of Chesterfield Road and Clarence Street, who moved to Hillmoor Street received compensation. This goes someway towards proving our previous point that these residents were told Hillmoor Street was to be temporary accommodation. Had these residents simply chosen to move in to South Yorkshire Housing they would not have received this compensation. They received it because they were asked to move there by MDC because their homes were to be demolished.

MVMP – other

MVMP took a note of all concerns raised at the meeting and agreed to send out another question and answer sheet to all people on the mailing list from previous meetings

Finally, MVMP brought with them a representative from the Workers Education Association, who offer free adult education courses, and are willing to put on training in Hillmoor Street Community Centre. It was requested that we get in touch if there is any kind of training we are interested in.

PHPN – Activities

Coinciding with the bicycle workswap, there will be a car wash day in order to raise further funds for activates. We also agreed further details of the Halloween Party. It was indicated that by holding the Bicycle workshop on a Saturday, we have inadvertently angered the leader of the majorettes group. It was pointed out that when booking the community centre with MDC, we were told that date was free. However, we agreed to hold further activities on Sundays to avoid conflict.

We also discussed what food should be provided at the bonfire party, and decided on BBQ food such as burgers hot dogs etc. In addition Jacket potatoes, bonfire toffee and toffee apples. However, more preparation needs to be done in this area, including who will provide what, and where we can borrow a BBQ from.


2 Responses to “Minutes of pleasley hill people’s network public meeting 19-10-09”

  1. November 5, 2009 at 4:03 pm



    Q1. Where will the access points for residents and bus stops be on site during works?

    A1. During demolition we will work with residents to make sure there is a safe access point. Please let us know of any specific concerns.

    Q2. Who will the landlord be if someone wants to come back as a tenant ?

    A2. South Yorkshire Housing Association will be the social landlord in the new
    development. Housing Associations have taken over from councils in providing the
    majority of social housing.

    Q3. Will there be enough social housing to give everyone who wants to come
    back a new home?

    A3. We are still analysing the feedback from the consultation events in order to
    establish how many people want to come back. We will be working with those
    individuals to find the best solution for them and their families.

    Q4. Are there enough houses for existing residents to be re-housed during the scheme?

    A4. We will be relocating people in phases so that we can best manage the process.

    Q5. What is the current housing policy with regards to rehousing and property sizes?
    i.e.: if you currently have a single person in a three bed roomed property?

    A5 People’s housing needs will be assessed individually but will have to be in line with
    the Housing Policy of Mansfield District Council. Priority for large properties will
    go to families of more than 2 people. Current policy is that 3 bedroom houses are
    likely to only be offered to families with children and therefore single people or
    couples will be offered 1 or possibly 2 bedroom properties. Exceptions to this will
    be considered in line with current policy.

    Q6. What about the fact that some people have already had compensation?

    A6 Compensation for home loss is only paid once so if people decide to come back they
    will not be eligible for further compensation.

    Q7. When will we be told about the phasing policy for work to start?

    A7. The phasing policy will be announced in November.

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