Summary of issues raised:
• Update on Information from MVMP;
• Future of PHPN;
• Return of the climbing wall;

For discussion at the next meeting:
• Further discussion of PHPN future;

Summary of Decisions Made:
• Next meeting will be 1 Feb 2010 @ 7:15pm;

MVMP / MDC – Re-development update.
Due to the cancelation of MVMP’s workshop on the 14th, there was not a lot of new information to consider. However, a few things did come up.
The meeting was informed that the three remaining developers are Belway, Jam and Keepmoat, and that Jam is a group consisting of Strata Homes and Urbo Regeneration. We were also told that MVMP would distribute a newsletter after the event, that is now re-scheduled for the 28th of January. This newsletter will be a progress update. Representatives of MVMP were keen to tell us how well stage one is progressing, explaining that 3 out of 15 properties had already been emptied, with 3 more families due to move, and another 7 currently looking. There was also talk of holding regular surgeries for residents to come along and ask questions of MVMP.
Residents were also told of a draft policy for people who would like to return to the area after the regeneration. To this end, it has been arranged that Pleasley Hill residents will be given priority on houses in nearby areas. This is in addition to residents already having high priority in other areas. Residents were told that should they wish to return to the area after the redevelopment that they can be nominated to move in to one of the new houses. This nomination would then be considered when letting the property. It was stressed though that this policy is only a draft.

Two further issues were raised, the first being the state of the drains on Hillmoor Street, and if this is to be addressed during the re-development. It was highlighted that these drains regularly block, causing sewage to spill out on to the street, right next to what is left of the children’s play area. MVMP suggested that this should be raised with the developer both at the upcoming workshop, and going forward during the development process.

The second issues was regarding the remaining houses on Hillmoor Street that are in the retained blocks, but not owned by South Yorkshire Housing Association. A few residents have expressed interest in to moving in to these properties. The response from MVMP was that they will chase this up, and provide more details on the issue.
Finally, MVMP reminded the group that the climbing wall will be returning to the area during half term, on the 16th and 18th of February.

Discussion on the future of the group.
As this was the first meeting of the new year, and with little other new information, discussion turned towards the future of the group, and what the coming year holds. Several key points of discussion arose:

1. Inclusivity of the group.
It is apparent that attendance to the meetings had waned, and while this is not so much of an issue for the people of the group, it was agreed that this is a bad thing. Primarily because PHPN meetings have become a source of information on the coming redevelopment. Thus there is concern that people are missing out on important information they may want to know because they are not at the meetings. Another part of this is that because the group has now become a core small group of people, it doesn’t accurately represent the community. The group was founded to be open to everyone, and give people a chance to represent them selves. It was agreed be the group that this must be addressed. Mark asked if people in the area were not attending the meetings because they had taken issue with him, and offered to stand aside if this was the case, but it was agreed that this was not the issue.

2. New Newsletter.
To show that there is more to the group, we agreed that we should try to produce a new newsletter, and that we should share in the responsibility of producing content for this. It was felt that this could go along way towards showing that the group is open to all.

3. South Yorkshire Tenants.
As part of this discussion we agreed that more out reach should be done with the residents currently living in the south Yorkshire housing, as they will be the people who are stuck in the area throughout the development. We agreed that these people will be affected by the development the most, and therefore we should make more of an effort to ensure these people are fully aware of the consequences of the re-development, and the potential impact it will have on their lives.

4. Kids Activities.
We had a brief discussion regarding the types of activities we should put on this year. No decisions were made, but the point was raised that we should try harder to provide something for teenagers.

The general feeling among the group is that we have done well so far, in that we have engaged with the local authorities and organisations involved in our area, and that we have put on some successful activities. However, it is felt that we need to do some self reflection, and critique what we have done so far. Members of the group were asked to think about criticisms, aims and objectives for the next meeting.


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