Summary of issues raised:

  • Further updates from MVMP and MDC on the redevelopment;
  • Ways to improve future activities;
  • Bank Account;
  • Petition to save community centre;
  • Facilitation and Minute taking;
  • Theft of candle snuffer from local church;

For discussion at the next meeting:

  • Representatives from MVMP and MDC will be invited to the next meeting;
  • Discus delegate selection to represent us at MVMP’s community forum;

Re-development updates

Representatives from MVMP and MDC were at the meeting to provide more information on the redevelopment. It was stated that residents living within the area designated phase 1 would be receiving a letter to arrange a meeting and discuss their next steps. It was explained that residents should register with Moveahead, as this would improve chances of getting a property quickly. But also that people did not have to move within the area, and could register with other councils. When Questions were asked about returning to the area after the re-development, it was stated that of the 57 people queried, 22 wanted to return.

It was explained that the next major date for residents would be a meeting at the Landmark Centre on the 14th of January 2010, when residents will be able to view what the 5 different developers would like to do. Residents will then get a say on the selection of the developer, and from that point on the developer will also attend meetings with MVMP. Guests at the meeting declined to disclose who the five potential developers are.

Residents also heard confirmation regarding home loss and disturbance payments. Currently the Home loss payment is £4700, and is paid once an individual has moved out of their home. Residents in any of the phases defined so far can register with Moveahead and find a new home, rent privately, or otherwise find a new house, and receive this payment. Also the Disturbance allowance stands at £1200. The people in the worst position are those that a renting privately.

It was pointed out that the masterplan made available on the internet ( did not mention the community centre. Residents made MVMP and MDC aware that we have started a petition to either save or replace the community centre as part of the re-development. In response it was pointed out that there is a legal obligation to consult with residents as part of the re-development, and that the community centre would stay for as long as possible, as they too wanted a place to meet with residents.

Questions were also asked about the phases, as the 7 phases defined so far are simply to move people out of the area. People remaining in the area throughout the re-development raised questions about access to services, while surrounded by building site, and asked what comes after phase 7. It was explained that a detailed plan will be drawn up next year that must be approved, and that there will also be a session for residents on how to understand the plans, along with the possibility of 3D computer models too. It was also mentioned that the timescale for completing the first 7 phases is 4 years.

Other information from Guests

The representatives of MVMP and MDC also brought up two other issues. First that a Candle Snuffer had been stolen from the local church, and they wanted it to be known that if it was returned quickly no action would be taken. The second point was that after the success of the climbing wall, MVMP would try to bring it back for the February half turn, and perhaps try to put on other activities too.

Other issues raised

It was pointed out that due to family commitments, someone may need to stand in and facilitate meetings and take minuets soon. But no decision was made. Apologies were given for the delay in setting up the bank account.

We also discussed taking the petition to the majorettes, and if we should select a delegate for the MVMP community forum.


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