Summary of issues raised:
• Feedback from the developer workshop;
• Future of PHPN (continued);

Summary of Decisions Made:
• Next meeting will be 1 March 2010 @ 7:15pm;

MVMP / MDC – Re-development update.
Much of the information from MVMP this week was in relation to the developer selection workshop that many residents attended. During this workshop, there was strong feelings against the plans set out by one of the developers (Strata), MVMP told the meeting that the company had taken onboard much of what was said at the workshop, and are now submitting a revised proposal. The group also heard that the final developer selection has been postponed due to the issues the group highlighted regarding drainage, allowing the developers more time to investigate the issue.

Once again the group was told about training courses available to residents through West Nottinghamshire collage, that are intended to help people retrain for work. If this is something that interests you, please contact Lesley Watkins on 01623 651177. Additionally MVMP also offered training to residents who would like to understand more about the planning process (i.e. planning permission). MVMP also offered further information regarding the climbing wall, and parental consent forms.

At this point a heated discussion ensued regarding the re-housing situation for residents in phase 1 who are yet to move. Some residents felt it was unfair that people with access to the internet had more of a chance of getting a new home, due to quick access to information.

The group was also informed that MDC had asked SYHA to take on some of the remaining houses on Hillmoor Street, however SYHA are not interested, and MDC will now be looking once again at their options.

Discussion on the future of the group.
After MVMP had left, the group had an informal discussion regarding future direction. This has been an ongoing discussion for a few meetings. The main new points of interest to come from this were:

  • Seek impartial legal advice on issues such as access to services, and the state of the area, along with any other issue residents feel they need professional help with.
  • Our option to highlight the problems Pleasley Hill faces in the media (both national and local)
  • Seek minuets from meeting of the previous residents association, and review them for promises made by authorities in the past that residents remember, such as promises surrounding re-housing in like for like properties.

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