Summary of issues raised:
• Date of next meeting;
• County Council cuts, and there effect on local groups;
• Return of the climbing wall;

For discussion at the next meeting:
• Results of Jan 14th Developer selection meeting;

Summary of Decisions Made:
• Next meeting will be 18 Jan 2010 @ 7:15pm;

MVMP / MDC – Re-development update.
Residents were informed that everyone in phase 1 had been contacted regarding re-housing. This was disputed by one resident, and this lead to discussion surrounding the type of accommodation being offered. In particular that some people were being asked to move in to sheltered or shared accommodation, and they felt that this did not accurately reflect the circumstances of their family. It was pointed out by MVMP however, that in cases where grown up children still live with parents, the parent and child could lease a property together as shared. And also that these properties could still be ordinary houses, as apposed to flats or sheltered accommodation.

The group was given the news that there are now only 3 (maybe 4) developers, after one dropped out, and another was late submitting their proposal. When asked again who the developers were, the group was told that residents would not find out until the developer selection day on the 14th of January. It was explained that this was for no other reason than uncertainty over if the developer’s names could be disclosed.
Further questions were asked of MVMP about re-housing. It was explained to the group that if residents wanted to move in to privately rented accommodation, that the bond for this would come out of the home loss payment.

Finally we were given the news that the climbing wall would return to the area on the 16th and 18th of February.

County council cuts
MVMP were keen to stress to the group that the recently announced cuts will have a negative impact on the services provided to local groups such as ours. These services include both supports services from staff at Notts County Council, and funding availability. Members of the group were urged to visit the county council website and make their views known:

The closing date for this consultation is the 22nd January.


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