Summary of issues raised:

  • Rubbish on back of Clarence Street, including bin collections;
  • Dog Mess in area;
  • Activities;

Summary of agreements made:

  • Theme of 5th November celebrations + media message;

Actions to be taken before next meeting:

  • Present list of funding options;
  • Clarify MVMP’s rules for the climbing wall;

For discussion at next meeting:

  • MDC & MVMP Questions and answers;
  • What form entertainment will take on 5th November. Also what other services such as food, and who will organise and facilitate this;


Once again the issue of rubbish in the area was raised. It was pointed out that people have been dumping rubbish on the back of Clarence Street. Since this discussion MDC have been out and cleared up some of the rubbish. Questions were also raised regarding the bin collections on the back of Clarence Street, as the bin lorry used to reverse up the road, but no longer does. Concerns were also raised about the amount of dog mess in the area, and a desire for specialist bins was raised.


There was further discussion surrounding the Halloween and Bonfire Night Celebrations, and what options we have for entertainment etc. We also agreed the media message we will present for the Bonfire Night celebrations. Concerns were raised about the conflicting message from MVMP regarding the climbing wall, and we agreed we need to clarify this. Finally, we also discussed possible activities for adults.


The meeting ran in a fairly informal way, and we also discussed several other points before the start of the meeting. Some issues raised at this meeting will be raised again, and for this reason have not been included in these minutes


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