Summary of issues raised:

  • Letter from Bellway homes sent to residents of Chesterfield Road North;
  • What to do about lack of compassion in MDC re-housing policy;

Summary of agreements made:

  • Create petition to save/replace the community centre;
  • Members to donate £5 each towards food for bonfire night;
  • To create a video highlighting the problems in the area

For discussion at the next meeting:

  • Representatives from MVMP and MDC will be invited to the next meeting;
  • Discus delegate selection to represent us at MVMP’s community forum;


We first discussed a letter received by some residents from Bellway homes. The letter was regarding the availability of homes to buy in another part of Pleasley. After discussion, we came to the conclusion that this probably has little to do with the re-development in the area, and is simply Bellway capitalising on the opportunity, and trying to sell their houses. This is however speculation based on the wording of the letter.

We also discussed what we know so far about MDC’s re-housing policy, and the fact that some residents will be asked to take homes much smaller than they currently occupies, that will most likely not suit their needs. We discussed what options we have in this situation, and although no final agreement was made, we discussed the possibility of a campaign to get MDC to be more compassionate when re-housing tenants. We agreed to create a video highlighting the issues in the area that can be posted on the internet, and potentially used as part of a media relations strategy for the possible campaign. We also discussed the possibility of protests at MDC offices, and other ways to highlight the issues in the media.

Related to the housing issue and re-development, we discussed the loss of the community centre. It was highlighted that representatives of MVMP have previously said that if it can be shown that the centre is used enough, it could be replaced. But also, that on many occasions we have also been told that it will not be replaced. One member pointed out the recent double booking problems, and the fact that there are other groups in the area that use the centre such as the bingo and majorettes groups.  We agreed that we should create a petition to save or replace the community centre. It was pointed out that this could go some way towards building bridges with the other groups in the area.


Members gave feedback to the group about recent activities we have put on. The bicycle workswap was discussed first. It was indicated that the even was now very well attended. This was put down to not advertising it as well as we could of done, and the poor weather on the day. It was pointed out that although it could have been better, we did fix some of the children’s bikes, so in that regard we achieved what we aimed to do.  The possibility of running it again in the spring was also presented.

With regard to the Halloween party, it was felt that this was very successful. Many people congratulated the organisers, and no complaints were received. In total £112.62 was raised, and a thoroughly good night was enjoyed by all.


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