Summary of issues raised:

  • Rubbish in the area;
  • The number of recent Fires;
  • Crime and squatting in the empty houses;
  • New PHPN newsletter;

Summary of Decisions Made:

  • Next meeting will be 15 March 2010 @ 7:15pm;
  • Group to push for MDC to keep control or remaining Hillmoor Street houses, and allow residents who wish to stat to move in to them;
  • The next activity we will organise will be for May Day;

Current Issues in Pleasley Hill:

Much of this weeks discussion was regarding the issues in the area. In particular the amount of rubbish that has been appearing recently. Even though the area has had a lot of rubbish in recent years, there has been a marked increase in quantity over the last weeks, especially around Clarence Street where many people have now moved.

There have also been a number or fires recently, notably the house at the end of Clarence Street and the embankment behind Hillmoor Street Community Centre. It was suggested that these fires have been caused by squatters.

This lead to discussion regarding crime in the area, especially the theft of piping, fences, boilers and other materials. A major concern that was raised about the possibility of thieves entering peoples homes through the attic after gaining access to neighbouring empty properties as has happened to some residents in the past.

New Newsletter

We discussed the possibility of a new newsletter to try and get more people interested in what is happening in the area. Several people agreed to start working on articles to put in to this newsletter, and we discussed several topic it should cover:

  • Housing and MVMP;
  • The group so far, and how to get involved;
  • Information about/from the local school
  • How the situation in Pleasley Hill fits in with wider Mansfield re-development, and national plans;


The group discussed possible future activities and decided that our next local event will be May Day. To this end, we identified several key areas that will require planning:

  • May Pole
  • Food
  • Music and other entertainment (children’s entertainers?)
  • Talent contest?

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