MVMP’s Meeting – Monday the 14th September

On Monday the 14th, MVMP held a meeting for the residents of Pleasley Hill, to explain more about their plans and who they are. For anyone who has been involved with Pleasley Hill People’s Network up until now, there was very little in the way of new information.

The first part of the meeting involved a presentation on who MVMP are, and the work they have done in the past. They also explained a little about the structure of the company, and how residents can be elected to the board of directors. We have a link to their site in the menu to the right of this page, and I would recommend reading some of the information there if you would like to know more about them.

The second part of the meeting was a questions and answers session. Many of the questions raised had been addressed at some of the public meetings we have held over the last few weeks, based on information we had gathered from MVMP and MDC.  Some of the new information we got from Monday included the amount of compensation that residents can expect to receive when moved out of their homes.

Tenants can expect to receive:

  • Home loss payment. The figure given was £4700
  • Tenants may also claim disturbance costs, for things such as removals vans etc.

Owner-Occupiers can expect:

  • The full market value of their home.
  • A home loss payment of 10% of the full market value of their home.
  • May also be able to claim disturbance costs.
  • Possible additional relocation grant.

There were concerns raised about the market value of homes, and some residents expressed concern over the fact that the value of their homes may have fallen due to the state of the area. MVMP tried to ease these concerns by saying that there had not been problems with this on other projects, but little real information was given to put people’s minds at rest. They also said that the home would be valued as though nearby properties were not left empty.  This however does not address the fact that some home owners may now be in negative equity due to the recession, and the recent drop in house prices. Add to this concerns not only over the nearby empty properties, but the general state of the area after years of council neglect, it is no wonder that home owners are concerned.

Another major topic of discussion was the way in which tenants will be re-homed. As the majority of the existing homes are 3 bedroom houses, people were concerned about having to take small flats, and large families were concerned that their needs would not be met. The response from MVMP was simply that each tenant/family would be evaluated and offered suitable homes.

It was also highlighted that the map handed to Pleasley Hill Peoples network little over a month ago, and on which our discussions have been based, has now changed without any notice. It concerns me that MVMP say they want to consult with residents, but at this stage we have little input as to what is happening with the planning. It seems that the residents are only to be involved once a plan has been drawn up, which raises questions about just how much involvement residents can have, and how much we will be able to adjust the plan to suit our needs.

One of the major changes to the map, was that part of the housing on Hillmoor Street is now to be retained. This came as a bit of a shock to some residents of Hillmoor Street, as they had moved in to these houses from Clarence Street and parts of Chesterfield Road on the understanding that they were temporary accommodation while the redevelopment went ahead, and that the residents of these houses would be able to move in to new housing once it was built. It now seems that this is not the case, and that the residents in these houses are expected to remain in them even after the redevelopment.

Finally, MVMP also talked about funding that can be accessed by Pleasley Hill People’s Network, and offered to help with activities for children, and community learning.

It was a little disappointing to see so many people turn up to this meeting and ask questions, or complain about issues that we as a group have been trying to deal with. I encourage anyone with any concerns about the area to come along to our meetings and get involved with finding our own solutions to our own issues.

With this meeting out of the way, MVMP have two open days where they will present their master plan for the redevelopment. These open days will be held at the Pleasley Landmark Centre on the 23rd of September 3pm-7pm and on 24th of September from 9am-12pm. The promise is that their will be new information at these open days.

And there is of course also the next PHPN meeting on the 21st of September, at 7:15pm.


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