Meeting after thoughts

Firstly I would like to thank everyone that came to what I feel was a very successful meeting. There was a good turn out of 40-50 people, and we successfully reached agreements on a number of points. There is of course much work to do, and many issues require further discussion.

Although a few people were a little doubtful or negative, there was overwhelming agreement and consensus that a group should be formed to tackle housing issues. This group will primarily deal with:

  • Putting pressure on the council to deliver excising services that we feel they should already be doing. For example undertaking repairs;
  • Ensuring that we as a community get what we want from the planned re-development;
  • Press for progress, and more consistent, concise and definitive information on the planned re-development;

It was also agreed that rather than appoint a committee that will meet in private and make decisions on behalf of the community, that future meetings would all be open to everyone, and that we will continue to make decisions by consensus. We also decided that the next meeting will be in two weeks time on Monday the 17th August at 7pm. At this meeting we will discuss:

  • The future of our housing in more detail;
  • How to get action on outstanding repairs;
  • The state of the gardens on the empty properties;
  • The rubbish in the area;
  • The lack of facilities for kids.

There were of course many other issues presented during the course of the meeting, and we will find the time to talk about all of them over the coming months.

So what next?

I will compile the minuets of the meeting , along with the draft constitution I have proposed, and some further details on the idea of a consensus based meeting (to explain it better than I did last night).  Hopefully I should be able to get this to everyone before the end of the week, as well as making them available here.  If anyone would like to discuss anything prior to the next meeting, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

As many of you know, I also have a meeting on Thursday with a representative from MVMP. They would like to talk to me about the group we are starting, as they would like to liaise with us as a group regarding the re-development.  Last night it was clear people expected to be contacted individually on this matter, but I think this could be a good opportunity for us.

I am busy compiling a list of question based on everything that was said last night. I will put these questions to MDC and MVMP in an official way, and make it clear that we expect immediate responses. Hopefully we will than have more clear information to discuss at the next meeting, and perhaps even answers to some of our questions.

Last night we agreed that we should bring any issues to the group, and that the group should put them to the council (I believe we were talking about repairs at the time). To me, MVMP wanting to talk to us as a group is very much in this spirit. When I speak with MVMP on Thursday, I will make clear that I am there to put forward what we have already agreed. I will not be there to accept decision that are made outside of our group, and pass back the results.  We must have had a chance to discuss what ever issue it is that affects us, and have made a decision which we can present to them. I will of course listen to what they have to say, but I think we are in agreement that we want our say before anything is set in stone.

Finally, on a personal note, I would like to thank all of the people of the area for the over whelming support. Last night I was truly touched by the thanks I received, simply for giving people the opportunity to talk about these issues. But what inspired me more than anything was the enthusiasm displayed by the younger people of the area, and the votes of confidents, the encouragement, the compliments and the thanks I received from them. I have put in a fair amount of work to get this far, and the response of people last night made it all worth while.

Thank you all.


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