Another Twist in the Redevelopment Tale.

As discussed in a previous article, residents were not to long ago told that the redevelopment of the area was moving forward. At the meeting with residents we were told that the closing date for applications from developers was the 20th April, and it was explained that the council would be discussing the issue further, and selecting a developer at the end of June. There would them be a phase of resident consultation, presumably to discuss the pros and cons of the plan submitted by the developer.

All this made since until an article was published on the Mansfield Chad website today (http://www.chad.co.uk/news/Pleasley-Hill-rebuild-scheme-moves.5413310.jp) .

Now it would seem that Mansfield council has bought in Meaden Vale Making Places (MVMP), who are “now seeking a developer”? And this is an example of the project moving forwards in the eyes of Tony Eggington?

“It is a big organisation, Government backed and Government funded. It allows us to give those people that have been suffering all this time a marvellous step forward.”

It is also part owned by Mansfield district council according to the MVMP web site:

“MVMP was established as a not-for-profit public sector company, jointly owned by English Partnerships, East Midlands Development Agency, Bolsover and Mansfield District Councils, with the aim of reversing decline, and catalysing regeneration in association with local, regional and national partners.”

If this is the case why has it taken so long for this organisation to get involved? It seems their remit is exactly what the people of the area have been promised. But at the same time, why do we need this new middle man?
Our understanding was that the council were selecting a developer at the end of June. Now on the 1st of July we are told that MVMP are the ones who are looking for a developer, not the council. So what happened at the end of June? All we know is what the Chad tells us. Wouldn’t it be better if they would just engage with us directly? Like I have said before, we would be stronger as a group. I can’t help but think that the council simply have no idea how people in the area feel. Tony Eggington said in the Chad:

“MVMP will now be seeking developer interest. It is very exciting. It has been very frustrating for the people of Pleasley Hill but hopefully it will happen sooner than we thought. Let’s hope we can get a quality developer coming forward.”

Sooner than we thought????? We thought this was happening years ago!! This we certainly is not the residents of Pleasley Hill.
The Chad did tell us that the council have now allocated £960,000 project. Hopefully this money will remain allocated to the project, and not disappear like seems to have happened before.
We at PHP feel that it is long past time that the council truly engaged with the people over this issue. We have very little information, and it is our lives and community that hang in the balance, not theirs. And while we broadly support the idea of a sustainable community here, eco homes and all the trimmings, we can’t help but think that the result of this project will amount to little more than gentrification of the area. And that the final result will be a lovely rich new village, that looks wonderful to all the passing motorists coming in to town from the M1. While the former residents of the area find the prices inaccessible, resulting in the dispersal of the people here and leading to further social derogation all over Mansfield.
This redevelopment is not a solution to OUR problems, it is a solution to the councils problems.


2 Responses to “Another Twist in the Redevelopment Tale.”

  1. July 3, 2009 at 11:43 am


    Would you be willing to do an email interview about your blog and what you are trying to achieve?


    Matt Wardman

  2. July 3, 2009 at 12:10 pm


    Where are you intending to publish the interview?

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