Let’s Get Started!

This leaflet has been published to determine interest for a new community group of some kind. It may take the form of a residents association, a community action group, a campaign group or something altogether different. Perhaps even many groups!

The ideas and principles that have been presented here are not set in stone.  They are open to debate. You have a choice over what happens in your area. And if you have an interest in anything that has been said I urge you to make contact with me. I accept that people have different views and I welcome both support and criticism.

A small number of people have already shown an interest in forming a new group, and we hope to organise a public meeting soon, to determine the aims principles and direction of the group. And indeed if there should be a group. It is the choice of the community. We have many ideas to put forward, and we would like to know what you think, and how you feel about them. Hopefully we will aim not to be a political extension to the council or any other system, but a group that takes action to improve the quality of life in Pleasley Hill. We would like to try and address every problem in the area, and with organisation we can do it.

So if you would like to talk about anything you have read, want to know more or have ideas of your own, please contact me any way you like. My name is Mark Jones and I have lived within the same hundred yards for the last ten years. I only live just around the corner from you.

Walking down Clarence Street

Walking down Clarence Street


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